Concept Design & Development

Testing the market is hugely important and concept design allows you to do that! Technicate can quickly develop a cost effective prototype that allows you to see how your idea will manifest into a finished product.

Investors need to be able to imagine a product before they feel comfortable handing over large sums of money. A good concept design will allow you to put a prototype in the hands of an investor so that they can see how a product will operate and improve your business.

Our process for concept design and development

  • Listen and Repeat

    During the kickoff meeting, we listen to YOU, the client. It's your idea, not ours. We hear all aspects of your concept and ensure that we fully understand the product you want to develop. Once we feel we understand, we repeat what we believe the product is AND the ways that we see it improving your customer’s experience.

  • Feasibility Analysis

    It's easy to get carried away with an idea, but sometimes it takes time and exploration before you know if your plan will really work. In this step of the process--asking questions such as "How do we make sure our customers are satisfied?" or exploring different aspects like pricing strategies, we determine whether there is any more viability in pursuit (or even cancellation).

  • Discover Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    An MVP is the simplest thing you can offer your customers that will allow you to test at full capacity before going forward with mass production. MVP’s are also called “launch products” because once the core functionality of your product has been completed, we launch it! It is often impossible to fully anticipate how a product will be used, the MVP allows you to get real users on the platform and expose any problems or bugs. Once the MVP has been launched and refined, we continue working with you to complete the product with the robust features you need to serve your clients.

  • Milestone Discovery

    Our systems engineers sit down with you and lay out all the critical MVP milestones of development. This ensures that everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to do it. We work closely together (and sometimes even across departments) in order to achieve an accurate estimation for how long each task will take based on complexity. This way there are no surprises when it comes time to conquer those last few bugs or implement new features!

  • The Blueprint is COMPLETE!

    We build out a complete development quote that explains the time it will take to work with Technicate. Once you've picked your package, we'll take an in-depth look at what it takes to develop your idea. We compare and contrast each package against your timeline so that no matter which path leads forward for development there will be clarity as well as savings, even if you choose to move forward with another development company. If you choose to stick with Technicate for development, we discount the entire cost off of the brand development phase!


How do you charge your customers?
We have made it easy and affordable by creating monthly packages that fit both your timeframe and budgetary requirements. For more information, check out our packages page OR schedule a call today!
How about payment?
Subscription payments are made monthly over the life of the contract.
Do you have an informational document that I can download?
Absolutely! CLICK HERE to download our latest informational packet that includes data on our agile practices, hourly rates and some client history.
Where are you located?
Technicate is based in Sacramento, California. All of our staff works in-house and collaborates as a local Sacramento team.
What technologies do you use?
We're lucky enough to have an in house, Sacramento CA based team of experienced project managers and developers who are versed on multiple web, mobile app development methodologies. We've developed many projects using different programming languages such as C# or PHP - but no matter what your needs may be (even if they involve big data!) you can rest assured that we'll find the perfect solution for them with our wide range experience!
I only have an idea, how can I work with Technicate?
Congratulations! You accomplished step one, having the idea! We have dedicated staff to make that idea a reality. That includes organizing it into the proper steps and building from there.
Do you provide a mutual NDA Agreement?
Yes! Infact, it's a requirement to start working with us. To download our mutual NDA for review, CLICK HERE or if you have an NDA for our review, add it to your sign up request
Who are the typical clients you service?
Technicate caters to clients that have an idea that they want to make a reality. The idea could be implementing better automation for their company or coming up with a whole new product. We enjoy making ideas come to life, then evolving the idea over it's lifetime. If you have an idea and you're ready to execute it, you're the right fit.