Pricing & Plans

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Technicate is here to work with you in a way the best it fits your needs. As a result, we set up easy subscription pricing that could fit your needs exactly and serve as an immediate cost analysis. All plans are for a year with a 90 day cancellation option, we're pretty sure you're going to be happy.


$5,000/ Month
You need to maintain a project or evolve it over time, we get it. Give us 40 hours a month to impress you ....
  • Full project phase management
  • Design & Development planning
  • Monthly virtual project meetings
  • Dedicated development cloud infrustructure
  • Up to 40 hours of dedicated time monthly

I'm feeling pretty custom

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We understand, not every idea fits in a box. Let's talk it out and get you going.
  • All design and development phases offered
  • Hourly rates availabile above 30 per month
  • Business partnerships available
  • Ala Carte services offered in 90 day increments

Your project huge? Contact us for information about more enterprise options.

Need an hourly rates sheet? Click here for our hourly rate sheet.