SaaS Support Policy

Effective January 2020

Basic Support Services

The following support services are included at no extra charge as part of your subscription for Technicate SAAS Services: 

  • Up to two (2) hours per paid User per month.  Unused hours are not carried over to subsequent months. Standard support windows are 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday, Pacific time zone, excluding California State and Federal Holidays. Support is provided via email and phone. A ticketing system is used internally within Technicate’s support group to track and ensure resolution of Client’s support needs.  If needed, additional Support options can be quoted to better meet Client’s needs.  
  • Daily, Monthly, and Annual Backups of Client data

Additional Support (not included as part of subscription – available for additional fees): 

  • Onsite Training:  $100 per hour + $200/day per diem.  Additional hotel cost up to $250/day for sequential-day training or training beginning before 8 am or ending after 6 pm on a given day.  Airfare to be billed after booking, if applicable.

Enterprise Support Services

This Enterprise Support and Services Policy (the “Policy”) governs Technicate’s provision of certain Additional Services in connection with its software and cloud offerings (“Technicate Products”).  This Policy supplements the Technicate Software License Agreement and Technicate SaaS Agreement (each, the “Agreement”) and will control in the event of a conflict with the Agreement relating to Additional Services.  Capitalized terms not defined in this Policy have the same meanings given to them in the Agreement, and “you” means the person or Client with a license or subscription to Technicate Products as defined in the Agreement.

1. Enterprise Support.

If Enterprise Support services are included in the applicable Order, the following terms will also apply:

1.1. Description of Enterprise Support Services.Enterprise Supportrefers to Technicate’s Premier Support and Priority Support services. The description of the applicable Enterprise Support service, how it works, target Response Times, and coverage is located in the applicable Service-Level Agreement (SLA) under the Order for such service.  Enterprise Support services are performed remotely via phone, screen shares, tickets, chat and other electronic means and will not include travel to or time spent on your site unless specifically provided for in your SLA.

Enterprise Support does not include any software or software upgrades.  For the avoidance of doubt, services not included in the Order are not Enterprise Support services.  Enterprise Support is subject to change in accordance with the process set forth for changes to our policies in the Agreement.

1.2. Requirement to be Current in Maintenance. Enterprise Support requests are limited to Technicate Products that are covered under current and up-to-date maintenance periods.  If you request Enterprise Support coverage on an Technicate Product that does not have a current and up-to-date maintenance period, then the request is excluded from the Enterprise Support offering until you bring your maintenance current.

1.3. Support Period. The Support Period will be indicated in your Order and will expire on the date indicated in your Technicate account.  Upon expiration of the Support Period, you will no longer have access to Enterprise Support. The Support Period may be renewed by mutual written agreement of the parties, but the terms and conditions, including pricing, are subject to change.

1.4. Onboarding Period. During an initial period after purchase, we will manually transition eligible tickets, calls, and support requests from standard support queues to the Enterprise Support queues until we configure the Required Information (as defined below) associated with your Enterprise Support account (the “Onboarding Period”).  During the Onboarding Period we will make reasonable efforts to meet the Response Times specified in the Offering Details.  We will continue to manually transition eligible support requests until we receive the Required Information from you and we configure it in our support systems.  “Required Information” means (i) in the case of Premier Support, named contacts and domains; or (ii) in the case of Priority Support, SEN numbers.

2. Customization Services.

If Customization Services are included in the applicable Order, the following terms will also apply:

2.1. Description of Customization Services

How Customization Services work: A Project Manager (“PM”) is a Technicate product specialist who serves as your key point of contact with us and who provides general advice and guidance on Technicate Products and related services (as further specified below). We will designate an individual to serve as your PM. We may designate a new PM for you from time to time. The PM will be available to provide Technicate PM support services as further described below (“PM Services”) to you during Business Hours (as defined below) for up to eight (8) hours a week during the PM Services term (inclusive of direct support interactions and internal efforts on your behalf). PM Services may be provided via e-mail or over the phone, as designated by us and on the schedule mutually agreed by the PM and your Account Representatives. From time to time, as mutually agreed in the Agreement and at your expense, the PM may travel to your worksite for the purposes of attending business meetings. However, for the avoidance of doubt, the PM will not render any PM Services at your location at any time. “Business Hours” means 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday, Pacific time zone, excluding California State and Federal Holidays.

What the PM does: The PM is an accomplished technologist that will help to guide you in design, planning, and scaling customizations to meet your business needs.  Actual areas of advice and guidance will depend on your requests and needs. They will also be responsible to manage the development, testing, and implementation of customizations into Technicate.

Account Representatives:  You will designate up to two (2) individuals to serve as key points of contact with the PM (the “Account Representatives”). You will submit all your requests through your Account Representatives, and we will rely and act upon each Account Representative’s instructions. You will ensure that your Account Representatives have baseline technical knowledge of the Technicate Products.

Requirement to be Current in Maintenance: PM Services are limited to Technicate Products that are covered under current and up-to-date maintenance periods. If you request PM Services coverage on a Technicate Product that does not have a current and up-to-date maintenance period, then the request is excluded from the PM Services offering until you bring your maintenance current.

2.2. Limits on PM Services You acknowledge that the PM Services fee is to secure the availability of the PM as well as the time and effort spent by the PM on PM Services.  Hours not consumed in a given week cannot be banked, accumulated or saved for subsequent weeks. While we will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide PM Services in a professional manner and to address your requests, we do not guarantee that we will resolve all requests.

2.3. PM Services Term The PM Services Term shall all be indicated in your Order.  The PM Services Term starts on the PM Services start date indicated in your Order.  Upon expiration of the PM Services Term, you will no longer have access to the PM Services.  The PM Services Term may be renewed by mutual written agreement of the parties, but the terms and conditions, including pricing, are subject to change.

Uptime Service Commitment 

Technicate will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the SAAS Services each available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage (defined below) of at least 98% (the “Service Commitment”). If the Monthly Uptime Percentage falls below 98%, Technicate shall refund to you one prorated month of the annual subscription cost. Monthly Uptime Percentage is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of hours during the month in which Technicate SAAS Services were unavailable to you. “Unavailable” means the SAAS Services were not available to you in material conformity with the specifications thereof and terms of the Technicate Agreement for a continuous period of ten (10) minutes or longer. You are responsible for logging and reporting any and all incidents of unavailability of the Technicate SaaS services to Technicate within forty-eight (48) hours of the occurrence of said unavailability. Any reported unavailability is subject to verification by Technicate before credit will be issued. THE CALCULATION OF MONTHLY UPTIME PERCENTAGE WILL EXCLUDE PERIODS OF UNAVAILABILITY OF Technicate SAAS SERVICES CAUSED BY THE FOLLOWING:

  • Subscriber breach of the Technicate Agreement;
  • Suspension or termination provided in the Technicate Agreement;
  • Factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access or related problems beyond the demarcation point of Technicate platform; 
  • Any actions or inactions of you or any third party, including failure to acknowledge a recovery;
  • Your equipment, software or other technology and/or third party equipment, software or other technology (other than third party equipment within our direct control); 
  • Planned downtime, of which Technicate gives Subscriber at least twenty-four (24) hours’ prior notice (vie e-mail to the account representative or via a conspicuous on-screen message in the SAAS Service.  Technicate will use commercially reasonable efforts to limit the number of major Service releases to twelve (12) annually. In no event shall planned downtime exceed thirty-six (36) hours in any calendar quarter.


How do you charge your customers?
We have made it easy and affordable by creating monthly packages that fit both your timeframe and budgetary requirements. For more information, check out our packages page OR schedule a call today!
How about payment?
Subscription payments are made monthly over the life of the contract.
Do you have an informational document that I can download?
Absolutely! CLICK HERE to download our latest informational packet that includes data on our agile practices, hourly rates and some client history.
Where are you located?
Technicate is based in Sacramento, California. All of our staff works in-house and collaborates as a local Sacramento team.
What technologies do you use?
We're lucky enough to have an in house, Sacramento CA based team of experienced project managers and developers who are versed on multiple web, mobile app development methodologies. We've developed many projects using different programming languages such as C# or PHP - but no matter what your needs may be (even if they involve big data!) you can rest assured that we'll find the perfect solution for them with our wide range experience!
I only have an idea, how can I work with Technicate?
Congratulations! You accomplished step one, having the idea! We have dedicated staff to make that idea a reality. That includes organizing it into the proper steps and building from there.
Do you provide a mutual NDA Agreement?
Yes! Infact, it's a requirement to start working with us. To download our mutual NDA for review, CLICK HERE or if you have an NDA for our review, add it to your sign up request
Who are the typical clients you service?
Technicate caters to clients that have an idea that they want to make a reality. The idea could be implementing better automation for their company or coming up with a whole new product. We enjoy making ideas come to life, then evolving the idea over it's lifetime. If you have an idea and you're ready to execute it, you're the right fit.